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Pressing Service - Porlock Apple Press

Pressing Service

Private Pressing Service

We  receive requests to press large quantities of apples, from those who  wish to retain the juice for their own purposes. We are most pleased to  offer a pressing service, in return for a commensurate donation. As the Annual Demonstration Pressing Day is a fun, family event we do not wish to detract from that theme. We  therefore conduct additional pressings for private individuals separately.  These will usually be done in the week or so prior, or after, the  Annual Demonstration Pressing Day. Please use the 'contact' form if  you wish to enquire about a separate pressing for your own apples.

Please  note that the press is an historic piece of equipment which uses the  technology of the mid 1800's! It is therefore worth noting that the  juice yeild, while very good, is not as great as can be achieved by  modern juice extractors. Two 'cheeses' will produce 15 to 25 gallons  ordinarily (it all depends on the apples!). A single cheese requires  arround 60 - 70kg of apples.

If  your supply of apples is not sufficient to make at least one cheese, we  will combine other similar small donors amounts to ensure efficient yeild/use of the press.

The  product is a wholesome raw and unpasteurised juice.
You will also need to provide your own containers to carry away your juice.
We do have small batch pasteurising equipment - 12-14 bottles at a time, per machine (we have 3).
Get in touch if you wish to hire pasteurisers.  
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