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Flower Displays

The Flower planters and displays
at Central Garage, High Street, Porlock

Way back in 2012, group member Grant Dennis fashioned some wooden planter boxes to brighten up the area to the front of the village centre garage location. The garage owners gave their permission to site them on the old raised islands where the roadside fuel pumps used to be.

Each planter box contains seven modular boxes for the plants to grow in. This allows for their easy removal and replacement as the seasons and plants change. It also allows for less compost to be used as well, keeping costs to a more reasonable level.

There are two sets of boxes at present, 14 for the winter/spring plants, and 14 for the summer/autumn plants. These get swapped over around mid October, and again around mid May each year.

Grant and his wife generally grow everything from seed, sometimes a year in advance for some flower varieties. The aim is to have a succession of flowers throughout the period they are on display at the garage.

A further aim is to have flowers which are not the usual 'corporation' types such as Geraniums, Begonias and Busy-Lizzies, but to have eye-catching flowers that stand out from the crowd and prompt a closer look.

Flowers currently on display

Summer/Autumn 2023

Echium     'Blue Bedder'
Cosmos     'Sonata Mixed'
Stocks    'Giant Perfection Mixed'
Acrolinium    'Double Mixed'  (Paper Daisy)
Zaluzianskya    Scented Night Phlox
Marigold    'Alumia Vanilla'
Cornflower    'Midget Gem'
Phlox    'Popstars'
Alyssum    'Avalanche'


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Getting ready at home 2

Getting ready at home 3

Ready to go 1

ready to go 2

In place for summer 1

In place for summer 2

In place for summer 3

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