2019 - Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts Festival - Porlock Apple Press

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2019 - Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts Festival

All set!

Ready to go!

An hour to go before the show starts!

Sacks of apples

Different varieties 1

Different varieties 2

Rural Crafts on display

A barrow carrying the apple harvest to the press

Our vintage barrow

More apples!

West Country Blacksmiths

The Apple Cake Stall early on the day!

Cheeses ready for pressing

Ex-Press Cider Stall

Vintage engine and corn crusher

Dead Dog Scrumpy Song!

Visitors questions answered!

The first press of the day!

The crew having fun!

Joseph Mallinson plays!

Jim Moles in charge of the tasting station!

Filling the cheese mould with apple pulp

Porlock made pottery

Lots of stalls!

A lovely image!

Becky Shaw Pyrography/pokerwork

The press in action

Bendigo and Bunny watch proceedings!

All senses covered!

Forming a cheese ready for pressing

We had some sunshine between the showers!

A sociable chat!

The Old Press!

Another view of the old Press

Another turn of the screw!

Vaun Pike in charge of the Prize Raffle

A lovely picture

Wrapping up a cheese, ready for pressing

Wool Spinning demonstrations

Preparing the Hog Roast

Local Artisists

Local Crafters

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