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Somerset Apple Juice & Cider Making History Being Kept Alive
Porlock Apple Press Group

A 'Somerset Pattern' apple press, dating from around 1862.
The press was saved from destruction, has been restored to a working state and located in the Orchard Garden of The Old School Centre, Porlock (TA24 8QD).
Demonstration pressings are carried out at events during the apple harvest season (August to November generally).

Please see the 'Events' page for more details.

We always need apples for the pressing  demonstrations. If you have one tree or a whole orchard, and if you don't  want them - we'll pick them and press them.  This is a charitable  community asset where donations are used to maintain the old press and  equipment. What we do at these pressing events, and especially our annual 'Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts Festival', is bring large numbers of visitors to the village. Those visitors contribute to our local economy with the money they spend in and around the village.
Some Confusion To Clear Up...

We would like to take this opportunity to ensure that visitors to this site are aware that the provision of the 'Porlock Apple Press' , and 'The Porlock Apple Press Group'  ARE NOT, in any way connected to the commercially based enterprise known as Porlock Vale Community Orchard, it's websites, or any of it's activities.

The 'Porlock Apple Press Group' activities are purely altruistic, with no commercial interest whatsoever.
What we do is for the benefit of the whole of this wonderful Exmoor village.
The question you might ask is:     What do we get out of it ?
For  us, the satisfaction and great feeling, that we have put on a great  show that hopefully has educated our visitors, most especially the young  ones.
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